EW032_C - Contactor 32A-AC3 / coil 220V 50-60Hz

Order code: 3250612237425
Full Product Code: 3250612237425


General Information
Type of pole: 3 P
Compatible with DIN rail mounting: yes
Type of supply voltage: AC
Rated operational voltage Ue: 690 V
Rated insulation voltage: 1000 V
Command voltage AC: 220 V
Acceptable current rating with AC1: 50 A
Rated operational current in AC3: 32 A
Thermal rated current outside of housings: 50 A
Contact rating with 400 V in AC3: 15 kW
Electric endurance in number of cycles: 500000
Number of mechanical operations: 5000000
Relative humidity (without condensation): 45 … 85 %
Depth of installed product: 92 mm
Height of installed product: 72 mm
Width of installed product: 55 mm
Type of connection: with screw
Connection cross section of access and exit with screws, for flexible conductor: 4/10 mm²
Connection cross-section of input and output with screws, for massive conductors: 4/10 mm²
Number of auxiliary contacts as normally closed contact: 1
Number of auxiliary contacts as normally open contact: 1
Quantity of NO contacts: 3
Category of use: AC3
Standard text: IEC 60 947-4-1
European directive WEEE: not concerned
Altitude: 2000 m
Storage temperature: -40 to 80 °C
Device family: EW